Roby Bethke

"As our construction project comes to an end, I wanted to thank you for everything and let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with Jordan Palmer as our Construction Manager. We couldn’t be happier with the end result and are so pleased at how the addition has made our household run more efficiently. This was our first construction project ever and I was worried because you always hear unpleasant stories about renovations or construction projects in general. It was a pleasant surprise to deal with such a well-mannered group of people that took pride in their work as well as a clean worksite. The professionalism shown by Jordan Palmer, the RPCC employees, and subcontractors was very impressive. Jordan kept things running smoothly from start to finish. His pleasant demeanor and excellent communication skills kept things on track and running ahead of schedule. If a concern arose, Jordan handled it immediately and efficiently always keeping me in the loop as far as changes or updates. All in all, the project was a complete success. We are so happy we chose RPCC to handle our project! "
Roby McRae Bethke